Python at Silole

By Will Knocker:


Yesterday an excited Kumbu, my neighbour’s child, came to call me to see a rare sight: a python!


It had caught an adult hare & swallowed it in record time (must have been hungry!) This snake was 5 foot long, so a hare was mighty big for it!


We have a plague of Bush hyrax at Silole (& obviously not enough predators) & pythons are often killed on sight, so to me at least, this snake is very welcome….


Having put back it’s dislocated jaw (the only way to swallow such large prey) it slithered off to find a resting place, where it  will hide & digest for the next month or two….that is one Big Meal!



Yesterday driving home came across this 12 foot python (African Rock Python?) in the middle of the road. With newly shed skin, it was moving slowly about, no doubt hungry & looking for lunch (which can last several weeks or months before another meal…..)


Beautiful reptiles, but nevertheless,in me at any rate stirring gut fear……


Notice the bright camouflage colours -these snakes swim, climb trees, come through the window into your bed………


Not sure what the nostrils are for: I thought snakes ‘smelt’ with their toungues. Certainly they cannot hear, so why could this one not ‘feel’ the car coming towards it?


Inching along using belly muscles……


Into cover, where it would again be practically invisible….


I think it spotted me……..time to leave!