Rain Rain & More Rain….


The Rains on the Savannah brings a time of great plenty & this year this process has been quite exceptional! Guinea fowl (amongst many other sp. of birds) have been able to nest TWICE this season: look at all them chicks!


It has been raining on  & off since the beginning of the year, with 6 inches in the last week alone!


The Park is a sea of grass, all the dams are full & the wetlands brimming with water…


It’s difficult to see wildlife in the long grass & the predators are hungry as much of the wildlife has migrated out of the Park…


The other day I noticed hundreds of ethereal enormous white birds wheeling into treetops on the ridge opposite the Silole Sanctuary……..NOT the usual common egrets….


Taking shelter from the storms: they stayed all night…..


Great White Pelicans…..


Hundreds of them, from the Rift Valley, investigating the huge areas of Kenya that are currently flooded….like Spirits of the Wet….


The sun comes out briefly from time to time….


Most wildlife, such as these Plains zebra, are in the Athi Basin & on the Sheep & Goat land adjacent to the Park.


Many kongoni (especially bulls on their territories) remain in the Park….Yellow -Necked francolin in the foreground.


The Lightning Bird in his element, hunting frogs…….

Peculiar Display in the Grasslands


What on earth is this weird design?


Extraordinary neck contusion & vocally a quiet ‘click!’ then a slightly louder ‘pop’ followed by a deep mooing boom…..


A male Hartlaub’s  (or Maasai -this sp. only occurs in or nearby Maasailand!) Bustard trying to impress an invisible female hidden in the grass nearby…


The Click??


The Moo??


What do I look like from behind?


The things we do to TRY & impress…..

Hippo Calf Update

Photos by ROB ALLEN


The hippoes translocated in the park in recent months (see previous posts) have scattered all over the park & many of the dams have had some(or one) hippoes in them.

But the calf featured here a few weeks ago was spotted & photographed by Rob Allen & is still with Mum in the Nangolomon Dam, itself overflowing with water owing to recent rains.

No mammal in Nature puts on meat (converted from grass;hippoes are of course grazers) quicker than hippoes……

But beware:hungry lions killed one of the translocated hippoes seeking new territory a week or two ago in the Kiserian valley running into the Park.

Let us hope that this fast growing little hippo survives into the future….