529 sp. Birds & Counting…….



Brian Finch the NNP afficianado & bird expert has just identified the 529th sp. of bird for NNP.

Above a Crowned eagle with it’s leopard-like talons…..


Kori bustard, the world’s heaviest flying bird…..


Marabou stork which breeds in the city centre & feeds at the city rubbish dump…..


Malachite kingfisher on the Empakasi river….


The park is a major breeding area for Crowned cranes….


Great white pelicans pass through from time to time……..


Hamerkop- a frog-eater, in it’s element……


There are currently large numbers of Helmeted guineafowl in the park after a successful breeding year: food for Martial eagles (2 pairs at least in the park: see next post………)

Ostrich Boom

Photos by DAVE McKELVIE:

It is said that Nairobi National Park  contains the world’s densest population of wild ostrich.


Certainly this classic savannah park is primo ostrich habitat!


This year, dry conditions during the nesting period (July,August,September)ensured excellent survival rates for young ostrich.

Despite high mortality amongst young chicks (all predatory birds & mammals enjoy them if they can evade the parents) we have several large broods of half grown chicks in the park:keeping that density statistic up to scratch!!

Black rhinos breeding well in NNP

Photographs courtesy of Patrick Bourgeix:


Despite the bad news coming out of South Africa in particular & stories of an upsurge in rhino & elephant poaching in Kenya, here in the Nairobi Park, a long-time sanctuary for the East African sub-species of Black (Browse) rhino –micheallii– things are going well & here are photographs to prove it!

Above a cow & calf in the lower Kisembe valley….

There are at least 60 Black rhinos in NNP  & 11 Northern White (Grass) rhinos translocated in from Lake Nakuru Park.

Below cow & calf on plain below Impala Observation Point….

Just 2 of the many calves in the park, spelling out a bright future for this wondrous species.

If you live in Nairobi, come out to visit NNP: USE IT OR LOSE IT!!


Ujonjo Alive & Pissing…..

Photos by SEAN AVERY:

The Averys & I went down to Athi Basin on sunday morning & had a splendid run, including meeting the 2 dominant males consorting with a single lioness.

Further down the road, who should we meet but UJONJO, feared dead or missing (see previous posts) after a lacerating experience with his own sons…….


We could tell it was he by the (healed) scars on his face after his (lost) fight for dominance with his younger fitter oedipal sons…


He seems to have moved further east in  the park & was busy doing what male lions do best: patrolling his territory & marking it with his own inimitable scent….


Exhibiting flehmen & drawing odorous hormones through his nose….was this his own scent or that of a passing female (this is how many large mammals test to see if females are on heat…)


UJONJo was here……….OK????