NNP Drying Up Fast After Good Rains

Images by Will Knocker:

I am finally back online after numerous setbacks, including kids melting down computer settings, including for this blog, over Xmas. Please excuse abscence!!


A herd of buffalo chewing the cud in the rapidly drying NNP


Kori bustards are doing well in NNP….



Cape chestnut in flower in the Langata forest after excellent short rains

Greenvein charaxes (Charaxes candiope) feeding on carnivore faeces


Many eland are back in the Park, having spent the rainy season in the Athi Basin & Sheep & Goat Land


An old veteran, blind in one eye & deaf…I’m surprised the 40 odd lions in the Park have not eaten him yet…


White bellied go away bird: a species of the dry bush: are they getting more common in NNP (ie is it becoming drier?)