Ostrich Chicks in NNP

By Will Knocker:

Throughout the plains of Southern Kenya, where Maasai ostrich such as these occur, courtship takes place from August, after the Long Rains, when health is at it’s peak.

Mating happens & by the end of September, egg incubation having been completed, the first chicks appear….

Sadly, nothing is as tastey to predators as an easily caught ostrich chick & mortality is very high….

The last survivor….

Sometimes, ostrich pairs team up with another, with masses of chicks. Others abandon their offspring altogether…

Whatever the case, this year has been very good for ostrich reproduction in Nairobi National Park & did you know that NNP holds (it is said) the densest population of wild ostrich in the world!

KWS Can Do Better…..

So Kipng’etich complains of adverse criticism of KWS now he has left? We all want KWS to live up to it’s vision of running ‘world class parks’ but it seems a long way off if my experience today in Nbi Nat Park is what visitors & Kenyans  can expect: at Masai Gate, ticket machine wouldn’t work, so entered without a ticket (have season pass). The Park full of rubbish, both wind-blown & strewn by visitors. Plenty of wildlife, but all massing to head out of the Park, owing to the advent of Rains, heading for ‘Dispersal Area’,which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. The Cheetah Gate area has been fenced off at that end, hiving off a substantial area of Park (I thought degazettement had to go through Parliament?) Then I popped into Mbuni Campsite, a project which has been going on for over 2 years. This beautiful spot is a deserted building site. Water tank (holed) on it’s side. Brand new loos & showers waterless (never used) & locked. Who would camp here?
Yesterday Friends of the Park went to Main Gate to the monthly FONNAP meeting.
KWS were not present.
To cap it all, the new Chief Director of KWS has no background in wildlife or Tourism.
Come on KWS, you can do much better than this!!