Visitor Experience at NNP

By Will Knocker:

Fifty USD is a lot of money in anybody’s book & for overseas tourists visiting the Park, the authorities (KWS) should ensure that they are getting Bang for their Buck.

Left to itself, Nairobi NationalPark cannot fail to amaze, it’s catalogue of wonders too diverse to go into here (just scroll down for more details..) and of course it is Kenya’s foremost Rhino Sanctuary and as such, deserves all the protection it can get.

BUT….is it worth sacrificing visitor experience (for it is visitors that ultimately pay the bills here) for wildlife protection & the need for round-the-clock vigilance against rhino killers?

I throw this question out there for users of the Park to debate.

As a Guide in the Park, my visitors are regularly disappointed by seeing rangers on patrol & ugly structures in the otherwise pristine Park.

As for the pylons in the Athi Basin……… that was a fait accompli…..


What is this tent for & why is it located right next to a major crossroads in the Park?


A rhino was spotted running away from this group of patrolling rangers…


KWS need some lessons on Park aesthetics & what visitors pay for in a National Park (answer: wild landscapes, undisturbed wildlife & no people..)


Not what you expect to see when entering NNP from East Gate..


Outpost at Eland Hollow, out on the pristine African Plain….