Lion Cubs in NNP

By Will Knocker Pics by Margy Scott:



A week or two ago, visitors & I came across Lady Leonie in the Mokoyeti valley..


And what did she have with her?


Too sweet for words, though the little cub doesn’t look too healthy: mortality amongst lion cubs is very high..


Vultures: for which NNP is one of the most important breeding & feeding habitat in the country, await their turn


Lady Leonie was on a buffalo kill, though whether she killed it alone or not was not clear..


This was the lioness driven into the flooding Mokoyeti river by thoughtless tourists trying to get closer to her to film..


She tries (& fails) to drag the buffalo carcass into a more unobtrusive spot..

In spite of the recent lion losses (Lemek & Mohawk) there are still plenty of lions in NNP…

Long may this be the case! Long Live NNP!