Funky Francolin

By Will Knocker:

Nairobi National Park ┬áis a paradise for birds & one of the commonest ‘game birds’ is the Crested Francolin, whose raucous repetitive call is the sound track to drylands such as in the Athi Basin….

I never knew that these birds were so very maridadi…….

But they are……

4 thoughts on “Funky Francolin”

  1. Thank you for making this “site” I was often in Nairobi park,loving the many things it has to offer so near to town. I remember two baby cheetahs on the bonnet of our painted mini…sadly they were shot.What about the “plans” of building a motorway through the park? I PRAY that has been scrapped! Louise

    1. A real pleasure Louise : this site is for folks like you & I love going in there to explore on yopur behalf, so win-win! Karibu sana!

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