Magnificent Male Lions of NNP

By Will Knocker:

Yesterday I found these two magnificent male lions not far from home….looking intently into the distance & roaring softly to themselves:they were agitated…..

Soon they trotted off through the grass…..

Where THIS male was awaiting them….

And his young buddy (Micheal Mbithi please ID)…….

Males mark territory……

And wait for the Opposition….

The cause of the Rumpus: a female on heat….

But she is otherwise engaged….

With the Current Lion king (dig the mohawk!)











2 thoughts on “Magnificent Male Lions of NNP”

  1. Amazing. It must have felt great to see these male lions, even though you get to experience the Nairobi National Park almost on a daily basis. I miss Kenya, but coming back there seems to get postponed time after time 🙁

  2. how sweet ! have you heard much about the lioness and her cubs ? they were tranquilized and were removed. they were found sleeping in the back of a truck near Nairobi. i assume she could be from this park and has seperated from her pride due to her young cubs? hope she and her little ones would survive in their new home in meru.

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