Lions Doing Well in NNP

By Will Knocker


We came across this lioness (collared poor thing: why?) with 3 cubs just below the Olomanyi Dam: the naughty cubs followed her when she needed to go hunting: they were unceremoniously taken back by the scruff of the neck (the other 2 cubs followed behind…)


Then in March we came across this mating pair at the top of the Athi Basin: more cubs to come?


Just what is the relationship between these adult lions?

The genetics of the NNP lions not great: inbreeding, but KWS unwilling or unable to do anything about it…..

Nonetheless the Park is a Lion’s Paradise, with a huge biomass & as much wildlife as a lion can eat.


Yesterday (Sunday 26)¬†at dawn we came across a lioness in the Olomanyi valley trotting along with a purpose: she doubled back up the hill as though looking for something…..another adult lioness !


They met up with much purring & rubbing of faces & then out of the (very dry) scrub came 4 sub-adult lions: 1 male & 3 females & again a huge reunion: a delight to watch…They all headed off into the kichaka at the valley bottom .


These giraffes nearby were almost as surprise as we were to see this wonderful Lion Reunion !

There are estimated to be 35 -40 lions in the Nairobi National Park, some adult males of which we could hear roaring last night (26/3) hear at Silole…


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  1. Great pictures, really encouraging to see lions thriving in the park….we need some happy stories out of Africa, thank you Will.

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