Lions Kill Buffalo

Story & pictures by DAVE MCKELVIE:
Came across 3 lions who were in the process of killing a buffalo
A very large buffalo
2 large males and a female, just next to 4b, they will still be there as they have a lot to eat
Female and a male at back end feasting
Large male had a hold on snout and paws round horns suffocating the buff
Large male buff was still alive, kicking a bit and trying to move his head, but was already weak and on his last breath

6 thoughts on “Lions Kill Buffalo”

  1. Hi Dave,

    gr8 that u saw this. I am really intrigued. How do u manage to get a chance to expereince all this? Do u stay close to the park or visit it many times a week? I am a big fan of NNP too. Living in Nairobi since june last yr. Can i post NNP pics on this blog?

    Tho i get a chance to visit it only on sat or sun…

    Wish i could go there on a weekday when tourists are fewer.

  2. Hi Anant : I have to respond for Dave….he commutes to work every day through the park & is an authority on NNP lions……do try & visit the park in the week: MUCH QUIETER……do please e mail any images/stories you might have to me at & I will post them if they have merit!!

  3. Thanks. I have been lucky to come across lions every single time i visited the park. Spent hours observing them. I have a special attachment for them and wish they do well.

    I will email my pics. I am also willing to do any voluntary work for the park.

    Thanks again,


  4. how are these two males? and is this the only lioness in this small pride? are they the sons of the old king? they were very lucky to get a bull buffalo down without getting injured or killed. having one or two big males around is useful when the prey is as powerful and as nasty as a male buffalo. i am sorry that he had to die so slowly. and it’s great that these lions kept their hard earned kill. i am happy that lions get to eat and have successful hunts. but i do not want to witness a slow death by any creature.

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