Black backed jackals -of which we have just the one sp. in NNP -although Side-striped jackals occur elsewhere in the Nairobi area (I have never seen the latter in NNP) -are uncommon in the park.


Why should this be, because NNP is a classic savannah park, with all the habitat & prey one would think would make it ideal for these canines? Plenty of rodents (servals -see last post-do well) & plains game would seem to provide plenty of fodder for jackals, pushed out of many parts of Kenya by habitat (& prey) loss & the presence of domesticĀ dogs……



Perhaps it is canine distemper that keeps these elegant little carnivores to such small numbers in NNP.

Another theory is predation by leopards, given that this sp. enjoys eating the local dogs so much…….


Whatever the reason, let us hope that the recent/ongoing drought provides plenty of food & ideal breeding conditions for these increasingly uncommon canines, always a delight to see in NNP…..